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Oct 2007
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Our thoughts and prayers are with the NCIS cast and crew as well as everyone affected by the Southern California fires.

We hope everyone is safe!

From Cnn.Com:

Two CBS shows, “NCIS” and “The Unit,” have sets at Santa Clarita, but neither shut down shooting Monday, according to the industry trade paper. The Stevenson Ranch fire was near enough that “NCIS” staffers could see the smoke, according to The Hollywood Reporter, another trade paper.

  • Paul Hogan
    Posted on October 24, 2007


    It must add an erie sense of urgency to everything for the cast to see such imminent danger all around you. It must make some of them feel that real life can sometimes be more frightening than the roles they play. Take care.

    Paul Hogan

  • Steve Marshall
    Posted on October 25, 2007

    I do hope that the cast & crew of NCIS & THE UNIT are safe during the horrendous situations with the fires burning. I myself have family in friends in two or more of the affected counties. I live in a Montana where the fires are know to get out of hand in a major hurry and the Hellgate Winds don’t help matters at all. I pray for the safety and health of the crew & cast of NCIS.

    Here in Missoula Co. alone, we had some 4 or five major grassland fires going all at once, so you can bet that my heart goes out to those who might be worried big time. Pray that this will be over soon and that you get a major amount of rain. I amm watching CNN to keep tabs on the fire. Take care and greetings from Big Sky Country

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