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Jun 2007
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In the “Who’s News” section of this weekends USA Weekend, there was a question about Cote included:

Is Cote de Pablo, from CBS’s “NCIS,” Israeli, like her character? Is that her real name? How many languages does she speak?
Shirley H. Cole, Rancho Mirage, Calif.

De Pablo, 27, is Chilean and had never even been to Israel — until she spent a week there last month. Brought up in Chile and Miami, she spoke Spanish, then learned English. “I can babble in Portuguese and French and have a conversation in Italian, but I speak only Spanish and English fluently.” Her full first name is Maria José. “Cote” (pronounced co-tay) is a nickname for José.

Source: USA Weekend Magazine

We knew most of that already! But it’s good to have a little confirmation.

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