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Jul 2013
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I just had to share because this is an amazingly creative and well put together fan video by TonyandZivaUK on Youtube (along with other fans that submitted footage), a vidder whose videos we’ve shared before. Whether you are a Tiva fan or not, you have to admit that this is quite a cool reaction to Cote’s leaving NCIS.

Description for the video on YouTube:

Guys!! This is our attempt at sending a message to the people at NCIS who have a say in how they end Tiva (Or if they end Tiva at all). We want to show them just how much they mean to us and how long we have waited for them to become a couple. 8 YEARS. yes I repeat. 8 YEARS! We want to have what we have been promised, and even if Cote has left (I really hope somehow she comes back, she means everything to so many people), we still think that the writers can pull off an “off screen relationship” no problem!

It just doesn’t seem fair to be overly excited for the next season with the hope that “we are getting closer” and then this bomb has hit.

Even though, we have been happy with what we have been getting from the writers (Who are amazingly talented) we have also feel that we have now been robbed of Tiva and the 8 years we have invested feelings, time, tears and love have gone to waste! Hello guys! As you all may know, it has been announced that Cote de Pablo is leaving NCIS :'( I know a lot of people are extremely saddened by this, me included, some of us are trying everything we can to get her back and some of us are working on projects to give her a proper goodbye.

I wanted to do something different, something to capture everyone’s attention! and I really hope it works as everyone did an amazing job!!! I love that I got this idea and it took only seconds for people to volunteer to help out! That is what I call a true fandom!


Thank you all so much!!!

  • Judy Czopor
    Posted on July 20, 2013

    So beautiful-so sad but also hopeful that the writers will do right by Tiva.
    Thank you8

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