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Oct 2013
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Last night the last episode with Cote de Pablo as Ziva David aired on CBS. We are all sad to see her go and a lot of us are wondering if there’s anything we could do to show our love and appreciation. The people from BringBackCote.com placed an advertisement on the LA TIMES today to show the fans’ support and love. I added the image to our gallery:

The ad was only the first stage of much bigger project which can be found here:

The beautiful Ms. de Pablo has gifted us with her portrayal of former Mossad officer Ziva David on the TV show NCIS for eight wonderful years, and we think that for too long we, the fans, have taken that for granted. And now that she has, unfortunately, left the show and we don’t get to see her on a weekly basis anymore, we think it’s about time that we, the fans, pool our resources to shout out to her and thank her properly, for the many hours of entertainment, of laughter, and of emotions that we got out of her hard work and dedication to her job.

So, the plan for this is simple: buy an ad in the L.A. Times on her birthday (or rather, the day after, due to the publishing structure of the L.A. Times – see the explanation at the site). As big as possible. And then we, in a team effort, say our thank you to Cote.

We can’t afford that on our own, sadly, and so this is the part where we ask for your participation… and yes, your contribution. Let me tell you one thing up front, though: none of the money we make with this will go into our own pockets. Not a single cent of it. If we raise more than our minimum goal, but not enough to reach any of the secondary goals, then the excess will be donated to project Un Techo para mi País (“A Roof For My Country”) – an organization that had great success at fighting poverty in Chile and is now being expanded to other South American countries. (This is the organization that Ms. de Pablo is involved in herself, and it seemed like a very good cause for us to pick.)

The most exciting thing about this is, with this project you’re not just funding our thanks to Cote – you’re funding your own. The artwork we have planned will be a portrait of Cote, text art, so to speak, because it will be composed out of all the positive attributes that we, the fans, can come up with when we think about her. And this is where we are asking you to actively participate: share your own positive thoughts about Cote and have them included in the ad! I’m sure if we put our heads together, we can come up with many, many more descriptions than just “beautiful”, “talented”, “sexy”, and “Alma Award winner”, yes?

Everyone who donates can add their own descriptive words to our list. This is your way to make this about your thank you as well as ours. This is your way to share the love you have for this wonderful woman.

I think it’s a fantastic idea to show that we all ove Cote and her work and wish her all the best. It would be great if we could as many people to join as possible.

Furthermore we want to launch another project where we need your help. We want to collect the fans’ favorite Ziva moments and print them and add them to a book so we can send them to Cote and CBS. It would be a fantastic way to show Cote how much we love her work and what a big influence she had on all of us. We can also show CBS how much we’ll miss Ziva and Cote’s work.
Bring you creativity to life and send us your favorite Ziva moment. You can send us a letter where you describe the scene and why you love it or create a wallpaper with images or create a collage from pictures with a small description why it is important to you. If you’re good with videos make your own video and upload it and send us the link and we will include it as well.
Please send all you submissions to support-project@cote-de-pablo.net
Deadline is October, 31, so we have enough time to print the book and Cote will get it for her birthday.

  • Jean-Charles Tillmann
    Posted on October 03, 2013

    Eight years Cote de Pablo has shown with highest quality and dediction a faboulus job and open our hearts. She not deserved what going on. I will do all possible to get her back. A personality like her must return on screen.

  • Celestrial Moon
    Posted on October 30, 2013

    Cote de Pablo is all a shining example of what it is to be an American. When I think of the Neil Diamond song There Coming to America…. I think of her. She came in legally paid her dues with hard work, dedication, and most of all HEART! We are lucky to call her a United States Citizen and AMERICAN. Her portrayal of Ziva David was a STANDOUT performance right from the beginning to the last episode.

  • Leila De Figueiredo
    Posted on November 16, 2013

    Rio , November 16, 2013
    Hi ! Beautiful Cote De Pablo , we miss the channel screen axn .
    I’ll miss you .
    You changed the lives of many women to the world outside , I could see reading articles and reviews . With her ??talent and beauty, gave life and vigor to your character ‘ Ziva , Tiva ‘ and she was a strong woman warrior who knows how to fight for what you think is right . She ‘ Ziva ‘ served as Examplee inspired many women here in my country , to change their way of living , acting and thinking . I’ma these women .
    Congratulations on your birthday November 12 , congratulations on your interpretation ; You will be forever remembered , as ‘ Ziva , Tiva ‘ also never be forgotten .
     Good luck in your new job .
     PS: I hope that we hear from you very soon , and if ever you feel the need to know the Rio De Janeiro , my residence , will be at your disposal . It just contact through Facebook or my email is roma1959dc@yahoo.com.br or leiladef.mattos @ gmail.com
          I say goodbye , wishing for you, God bless you , that you have health and peace . A big hug and kisses from your fan here in BRAZIL .
                                 Leila De Figueiredo Mattos

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