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Mar 2013
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Ahhh, the words that all NCIS fans fear…’season finale’. NCIS season finales have given us cliffhangers, tearjerkers and have often left us absolutely breathless. From the spoilers coming out so far for this one…it seems that this season’s won’t leave us any differently. If you don’t mind being a bit spoiled, check out the scoop below from TVGuide’s Ask Matt column.

Question: I have so loved this season of NCIS. I am confused, though, about Ziva’s behavior after the death of her father. She seems like she is having the best year of her life, while I was expecting some sort of down time for her as they have shown numerous times with Vance. I was so hoping that they would not brush her response aside as they did with Somalia. While I thought that “Shiva” was the best episode ever of NCIS and the acting was unbelievable, I guess I was expecting some revenge or response from Ziva. Have you heard of any upcoming episode that we can at least get a hint of Ziva’s response? If they don’t give Cote de Pablo another chance to sparkle as she did in “Shiva,” they are making a huge mistake. She was spectacular and had me in tears. — Kathy

Matt Roush: As noted earlier, I try not to look too far ahead in this column, but I have seen some teasers that indicate that as you’d expect, Ziva isn’t done with her quest for justice yet. How could she be? NCIS tends to measure out this kind of storyline, although in the case of Vance, the tragedy shattered his domestic situation so violently that it had to be addressed immediately and at some length. Ziva is much more likely to use work to repress her feelings, or at least to help her put up a tough façade, until the next explosive turn of events. But I get your point that given the severity of this particular setback, even for someone like Ziva, it’s jarring and less than satisfying to see her go back to business as usual.

Source: TVGuide.Com

UPDATE: Regarding last week’s NCIS question about Ziva and the aftermath of her father’s assassination, the show’s executive producer Gary Glasberg sent in this quote to reconfirm my answer: “Revenge is often better served slowly and deliberately. And the ramifications of what’s to come at the end of the season will be significant and, to say the least, surprising.” To that end, the April 9 episode includes a storyline in which “Tony suspects that Ziva is planning a risky move to avenge her father’s death.” In other NCIS news, because I get so many questions about McGee and when we’ll ever meet his father, that will be addressed in the March 26 episode, introducing Jamey Sheridan (the ill-fated vice president on Homeland) as Navy Admiral John McGee, who in classic NCIS tradition is implicated in a murder at sea.

Source: TVGuide.Com

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