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Nov 2010
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I updated the website and added a few new things. The most obvious thing is probably the search option on the sidebar. I created a custom google search but to be honest I’m not really happy with the way it works and the results you get. But until I find a better solution I think that this option is better than none.
Furthermore I added a site in the media section with the transcript of Cote’s NCIS Blog that she wrote back in 2007 for two episodes.

There is a problem with our twitter site and posting updates there. Unfortunately I can neither access the account nor have all the settings for it and so it’s impossible for me to set everything up here. The only solution I see right now is to create a new twitter account but then we had to lose all the old subscribers. I believe the best thing right now is to wait some time and see if we find a better solution. I can only apologize for that and hope for your understanding.

If you have any suggestions regarding the site or encountering some problems please let us know.

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