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Dec 2009
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There’s a short article about TV’s Wonder Women including Cote on the Signature Magazine website:

Being the only woman in a man’s world can be daunting, but Cote De Pablo takes it in her stride. As Ziva David on NCIS, Chilean-born De Pablo is used to kicking ass in combat boots, reflecting that she was, “always a tomboy growing up. But after doing NCIS I’m a complete girly girl. I just want to escape this whole combat boot military thing and I would like to wear my hair down and curly and I like to wear lipstick and heels.” Being a part of the number one show on US primetime with 21 million viewers and six consecutive weeks at the top of the ratings, doesn’t give De Pablo much downtime. Singing used to be her main passion, but “[acting] has consumed my time. Singing is always there, though, it’s just a muscle you have to exercise-hopefully I’ll get back into that discipline of doing it regularly with a band and singing Judy Garland stuff.”

I uploaded the image to the gallery.

Here’s the link to the full article Signature Magazine

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    Posted on December 09, 2009

    Oh wow, that photo is amazing! Love it.

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