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May 2007
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Ok, so I ended up switching to WordPress quicker than I thought I would. I still have a few pages to update with new information, but I wanted to get the site up and running first. Switching to WordPress should help with our spam problem as well as being more functional and secure.

I kept the last four news articles to switch over, but the past ones on Cutenews may be available soon also.

And of course I had to make a new layout too. I hadn’t used these pictures before, so I wanted to now. They are nice and spring-like and I love that color green. I may be switching the navigation, though, so who knows what may happen in the next couple days, haha.

Nici, if I haven’t emailed you before you read this, please email me so I can give you your new login information! Thanks 🙂

  • Heavy Rain
    Posted on May 12, 2007

    Nice work, but I liked the previous layout and colors more. Cote facial expression was nicer on them too. 😉

    Good Site btw.

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