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Aug 2013
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Latina Magazine has posted some wonderful outtake quotes from Cote from their interview with her.  Take a look at some of them below.

On why she loves reading non-fiction:

“Usually they are stories of rebirth and forgiveness. It’s like a theme in my life. I believe you first have to forgive yourself and then whoever it is, you have to forgive others.”


On discovering her desire to become an actress:

“I think it was a feeling. I can’t really explain it. There was no option for me. I had to do it. I had to express myself.”


On what she learned from her mother’s journalism career:

“She’s just an inquisitive person, insatiable curiosity. I think I learned curiosity from her, which is one of the biggest things I can learn as an actor, the always asking of why. Why why why. You know? Drive the directors crazy but it certainly quenches my appetite. Whatever it is. Whatever way it helps with the role.”


On her Chilean pride:

“I’m very proud to be South American, to be from Chile. But I’m not that one person that feels I have to wear a t-shirt, because then I’ll have to be wearing an American t-shirt and that’s just too many t-shirts.”



Check out all of them on Latina’s website!


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