March 13, 2014 | News | Filming for ‘The 33′ Wraps at La Moneda on March 16th

Via an article (links to original article in Spanish), translated below:

The last scene of the film ‘The 33′, which began the process of filming on February 4 in Chile will be shot in the La Moneda next Sunday.

The team headed by the Mexican director Patricia Riggen agreed to work in the Government Palace last January.

‘It is in the Palacio de La Moneda, indoors. It is the Minister Golborne, who enters. It was important that La Moneda was present because it gives you a connection to what is happening, what the ‘ office’ thought about what happens in the desert. There’s a contrast there, moving from an interior under the mine to an outside in the Atacama Desert to an interior in La Moneda. I believe that this triangle works well and adds a little order to the scenes ‘, said the producer of ‘Gloria’ to radio ADN.

The movie stars actors such as Antonio Banderas, Mario Casas, Bob Gunton and Juliette Binoche, who began their filming last December, in Colombia. There were recorded scenes underground in a salt mine.

The shooting in Copiapo will end this Friday, March 14th, after a month and a half of recording in Chile.


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2 Responses to “News | Filming for ‘The 33′ Wraps at La Moneda on March 16th”

  1. none says:

    Doesn’t event mention Cote..guess she has a tiny part…what a mistake she made leaving NCIS, she has really overestimated her worth.

    • Crystal says:

      Sometimes it isn’t about the money or the publicity, but doing something that means something to you. She is in a film about a dramatic event that happened in her own country and while she may not be a part of what is considered the ‘top-billed’ cast, from what I have read her part is by no means ‘tiny’.

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