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Hello! I’m Crystal and I’m happy to be back to help Tim out with the wonderful job he is doing with this website. For my first post in just over two years, I’m going to round up some recent online news articles that talk about Cote or her role on NCIS or have interesting tidbits.

We’ll start off with Ask Ausiello from TVLine.Com, and his ever entertaining article posted on February 14th,

Question: Does NCIS have any plans for an episode with Ziva and Abby working together on a case? Maybe going undercover? —Marla
Ausiello: As of right this instant, no — but series boss Gary Glasberg is champing at the bit for when the right opportunity presents itself. “We talk about that, about bringing them together more often,” he said when we ran your question by him. “[Pauley Perrette and Cote de Pablo] love to work together, and if we can come up with a storyline that services that, I’d do it in a heartbeat!”

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Next is from the Huffington Post, with an article titled, Unresolved Sexual Tension:  Secret Weapon of the CBS Crime Drama. It offers up an interesting quote:

The hypothesis has its roots in a throw-away comment over breakfast with a friend the other day. She works at a website that tracks data on every show on TV. I was paying the check, when she said, almost in passing; “Did you know that Cote de Pablo is one of the most searched names in TV?” To which I replied, “Who?”

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