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May 2007
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An interview with Cote from the Global Green’s Pre-Oscar Party (in February) will be shown on the next new episode of GET FRESH WITH SARA SNOW on the Discovery Health Channel.

Source: Broadcast Newsroom

…Sara then speaks with Dean Devlin, the executive producer of the documentary film Who Killed The Electric Car, and the film’s director, Chris Paine. This documentary explores why the electric car failed to break into the American car market. After a testing period in which automakers leased a limited number of vehicles, all were pulled by 1996, despite passionate consumer interest. Now, these cars are making a comeback. With a star-studded debut at Global Green’s Pre-Oscar Party in Los Angeles, Tesla’s new electric sports car made an appearance on the “green carpet,” and Sara and the GET FRESH crew were there to take a test drive. While on the green carpet, Sara speaks to stars, including Penelope Cruz, Orlando Bloom, Cote de Pablo, Chevy Chase and more, about why they support alternative transportation and how they use their celebrity fame to encourage others to make changes…

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This episode will be premiering Thursday, May 24, at 8 PM ET/PT on the Discovery Health Channel.

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