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Jan 2013
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We all know that Cote’s performance in this weeks episode of NCIS was fantastic and it seems that others thought so as well!

Source: TVLine.Com

Performer of the Week: Cote de Pablo

A new feature in which we spotlight the past week’s shining star
THE PERFORMER | Cote de Pablo
THE EPISODE | “Shabbat Shalom”
THE AIRDATE | January 8, 2013

THE PERFORMANCE | Just as Ziva knew that her father, given his long tenure with the Mossad, was living on the razor’s edge, many of us as viewers knew that something was afoot as Eli’s latest visit neared. Nonetheless, just like Ziva, we were shocked and shattered by the what, and the how.

Capping an hour that explored the many colors of this complicated father-daughter relationship — including the NCIS agent’s disappointment to learn that the episode’s murder victim died at his hand — Ziva tried to share Shabbat dinner with him at the Vances’, but had her fill of his words before having one bite of food. As she then stepped outside to cool off, hot bullets came flying at the Vance home. After hunting down the shooter, Ziva raced inside to check on her father, but the look on Tony’s face telegraphed the worst of news. As Ziva set her own eyes upon Eli’s lifeless body, de Pablo’s expression instantly morphed from professional resolve into horror into, as she cradled his head in her arms, the weeping visage of a little girl who’d lost her abba. There was no holding back for de Pablo as the actress let her alter ego’s emotions, and tears, flow, whispering a Hebrew prayer into her late father’s ear.

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